Given by The Dowager Lady Loch
330.2 cm (length)
289.56 cm (width)
Production time
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Bedspread of quilted cotton embroidered with yellow silk, Bengal, 17th century Bedspread of quilted cotton embroidered with yellow silk. The field in the centre has the Judgement of Solomon, surrounded by a border of horsemen. Around this is a cartouche panel containing representations of creatures. In one corner is a headless corpse before two men in Indian costume, who are seated in a pavilion. A kneeling Indian presents the severed head. In another corner is a king enthroned wearing European dress. A woman in European costume kneels before him and behind her stands two female figures. In another corner is a group of six Europeans greeted by an Indian. In the background is a low building. In another corner is a group of Europeans on foot, followed by a horseman, before a tower. Two men in Indian costume greet them from a high window. The inner of the three outer borders has European ships, symbols and legends. The centre of the three outer borders has a formal ornament interspersed with heraldic eagles, and the outer of the three outer borders has huntsmen in European costume, on foot and on horseback, with dogs, rabbits, birds and other animals. [] 2. BEDCOVER Cotton, embroidered with tussar silk and quilted Satgaon, West Bengal 1600-30 IS.6-1964 Given by the Dowager Lady Loch Large quilted bedspreads like this were intended mainly for the Portuguese market, although they became popular in England as well. They were made in Satgaon on the Hugli river, from the arrival of the Portuguese in the 1530s to their expulsion by the Mughals in 1632. The embroidery includes European decorative motifs and Christian myths. The central panel illustrates the Judgement of Solomon. [27/9/2013]