Given by Mrs. E. Close
55.88 cm (length)
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BRIDAL COSTUME Norwegian; 19th century. Consisting of satin jacket, skirt of wool, peasant weaving, cape and belt with silver ornaments and lace, silver-gilt crown, of an earlier date, fringe of false hair, to be removed after the ceremony, forehead bands and streamers. The silver locket is to contain the "Prester Penger," the fee paid to the minister. Given by Mrs. Close and Miss Etta Close, O.B.E. [March 1932] Hair ornament, part of a Norwegian bridal costume purchased by the donor in 1865 from the original owner. The piece consists of seven ribbons stitched to a central band. Decorated with rosettes of various sizes, coloured glass beads, and imitation pearls. The ribbons are of brocaded silk, featuring floral and leafy stems and detached sprigs. To the reverse, five of the ribbons are lined with a cream printed cotton of small detached floral sprays; two final ribbons are lined with different cottons of a red and black floral, and stripes, respectively. Worn to the reverse of the head, as part of a larger headdress assemblage known as lad, traditionally topped with a bridal crown. Hair ornament, brocaded silk ribbons with appliqued rosettes and beading, Norwegian, 1800s.