1840 / 1865, France

Given by Mrs P.M. Taylor
783.5 cm (length)
62 cm (length)
784.86 cm (length)
62.23 cm (length)
64 cm (width)
32 cm (width)
64.135 cm (width)
31.75 cm (width)
Production time
Production place


Woven silk dress fabric with a figured satin ground, France, 1840-1865 Woven silk dress fabric with a dark blue satin ground. Pattern in silvery white silk. Large repeating patterns of stylised flowers, leaves and stems. Two horizontal repeats, one with 2 motifs each having large flowers, buds and leaves, and between them and at each side there are scrolling stems and leaves. The second row has a complete motif in the centre with rose-like flowers contained within a swirling leaf and stem design. Parts of this design are repeated at the left and right side. In between there are meandering stems and leaves. Both selvedges are intact and attached at the right side is a tag with the number '39083'.